Talking Heads
Location: George Washington University (Smith Center), Washington, DC
Date: October 10, 1983
Source: Audience
Artwork: No

Set List

01 psycho killer-fixed.flac (fades in)
02 heaven-fixed.flac
03 thank you for sending me an angel-fixed.flac
04 building on fire-fixed.flac
05 the book i read-fixed.flac
06 slippery people-fixed.flac
07 cities-fixed.flac
08 big blue plymouth-fixed.flac
09 burning down the house-fixed.flac
10 life during wartime-fixed.flac
11 making flippy floppy-fixed.flac (muffled)
12 swamp-fixed.flac
13 what a day that was-fixed.flac
14 this must be the place-fixed.flac
15 once in a lifetime-fixed.flac
16 big business-fixed.flac
17 i zimbra-fixed.flac
18 houses in motion-fixed.flac
19 genius of love-fixed.flac
20 girlfriend is better-fixed.flac
21 take me to the river-fixed.flac
22 cross eyed and painless-fixed.flac

Fuji FR-1 Cassette Tape (unknown lineage) > Audacity > FLAC > Trader's Little Helper > Torrent

ffp and Md5 signature included

Except for "Psycho Killer," this is a very good audience recording. "Psycho Killer" fades in and there's alot of justling around as well
as a lot of chatter.

Other than that, it's a pretty clean recording.

At this point of the tour, the band was as tight as a drum. David Byrne was particularly animated and energetic. You can hear it in
his singing.