Talking Heads
December 3, 1983
Pacific Coliseum
Vancouver, BC

1) Psycho Killer
2) Heaven
3) Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
4) Love -> Building on Fire
5) The Book I Read
6) Slippery People
7) Cities
8) Big Blue Plymouth
9) Burning Down The House
10) Life During Wartime
11) Making Flippy Floppy
12) Swamp
13) What A Day That Was
14) This Must Be The Place
15) Once In A Lifetime
16) Big Business -> I Zimbra
17) Houses In Motion

Great show, sound is very good, considering the venue which was/is an outdated hockey rink. Some taper/audience chatter at times, but nothing real intrusive. Track 16 is actually two songs, but didn't want to disturb the transition so left it as one track.

Tape is low gen (likely 1st or 2nd) obtained 30 years ago from a fantastic source of live music, thank you, you rock (you know who you are). This show does circulate, not sure if this source is out there or not (assume it is).

Kudos to the original taper. Transferred by Alex (March 2014), Nakamichi BX-300 > CDWave 24/96 > FLAC'd with dBpoweramp