Talking Heads
Long Beach Arena
Long Beach, CA
Aug. 12th 1983

"The Unauthorized Documentary"

Source: Audience
Deck: Unknown
Mic: Unknown
Sound Quality: (A) VG+ to EX sound (Some Flaws*)
Source: 1st gen cassette

Transfer: >PB Pioneer CT-F1000>ASUS Xonar DG Sound Card>Audacity 2.0 @96k/24bit>Export multiple tracks 44.1k/16bit flac8>Fixed SBEs>You

Talking Heads was:
David Byrne - vocals, guitar
Jerry Harrison - guitar
Tina Weymouth - bass
Chris Frantz - drums
Alex Weir - guitar
Bernie Worrell - keyboards
Steve Scales - percussion
Ednah Holt - backing vocals
Lynn Mabry - backing vocals


Disk one:
01.Psycho Killer
03.Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
04.Building On Fire
05.Book I Read
06.Slippery People
08.Burning Down The House
09.Life During Wartime

Disk two:
10.Making Flippy Floppy
12.What A Day It Was
13.Na�ve Melody (this must be the place)
14.Once In A Lifetime*
15.Big Business
16.I Zimbra
17.Genius Of Love (tom tom club)
18.Girlfriend Is Better
19.Take Me To The River*

*14 mics were covered
*19 fade
eyes wide open
houses in motion
crosseyed and painless
pull up the roots

This was recorded by a guy named "Island", he mostly taped shows on VHS-C
type video, but after meeting me, and collecting audio tapes, he was inspired to bring an audio deck to this show.
Good thing too, because he was too close and the audio was very distorted on
the video, so I dubbed this sound to sync to the video.
there is 25 minutes of video total, but I will need to do a new transfer before it can be shared. It will be posted to youtube with the rest of Island's video that I have copied from his masters.

I can't explain why the audio is so clear other than this was festival
Seating and he was very close. I don't think it was on a high quality deck or
mics but still sounds excellent.
I doubt this recording has ever been circulated before.