Byrnin' for you, Boston...
(part one of 2!!)
Talking Heads
David Byrne - vocals, guitar
Adrian Belew - guitar, backing vocals
Busta Jones - bass, guitar
Jerry Harrison - guitar, synthesizer
Tina Weymouth - bass, guitar, synthesizer, percussion,backing vocals
Chris Frantz - drums
Nona Hendryx - backing vocals
Dolette McDonald - backing vocals, percussion
Steve Scales - congas, percussion
Bernie Worrell - clavinet, backing vocals
Orpheum Theater
Boston, Mass.
November 14, 1980
(1st of 2 nights)
performance quality: B+/A pretty hot
recording quality: B- (recorded near the back of the floor seating,
but it still sounds pretty listenable.)
unknown mikes (decent ones, not great) >
Sony 152 cassette deck (dolby off) >
master cassettes > my copy (both Maxell XLII) >
soundforge 4.5 >
FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
setlist: (it all comes out to just over 80 minutes)
1: psycho killer 6:24
2: warning sign 6:19
3: stay hungry 4:20
4: cities 5:38
5: band introductions > I zimbra 5:48
6: drugs 5:08
7: once in a lifetime 6:14
8: animals 5:18
9: houses in motion 7:02
10: born under punches 7:37 (very good version here)
11: crosseyed and painless 7:34
12: life during wartime 5:23
13: the great curve 7:40
I checked the "not allowed bootlegs" list on dime and it didn't list any
songs from the 2 Boston shows as being released, so looks like I can share
all I have of both the Boston shows on this fine tour.
This comes from a 1st gen. copy of a master I helped record (held a mike)
unfortunately I think it's missing "Take Me to the River" (encore) but
probably the weakest number in this concert. I think the rest is here.
When I remembered this being one of the 3 worst seat locations
(or so I thought) I've ever had while recording a show, I didn't think
this would be a postworthy recording. Then I remembered what a fine show
it was and decided, let's give it a listen and see if it really sounds
that bad. I made a Weather Report recording from a similar seat and it
came out well (unfortunately the CD of it did not and the tape is gone).
This CD almost came out without glitches or problems, saving me a new transfer,
even making it through the 1st 9 tracks (not bad for a "blue-bottom" CD)
but almost doesn't mean poop to a glasnostrd19 upload. One glitch could
have forced a new transfer. There were many more than one, and that Cd's
final purpose to anyone is to help me get this setlist together.
Then it goes into the trash where all glitchy CD's belong, and yahoo,
I get to do yet ANOTHER, new transfer of a show I've already digitized!
Aren't plastic Cd's wonderful? where's Ralph Nader when we need him?
In this case not so bad because I save you any CD lineage in here with it.
It's a decent, listenable recording, and another show not heard on etree
(which has several incorrect listings of shows at Berklee in Boston, the
only correct one being August 24, 1979). I remember thinking it was a better
show and maybe even a better recording than the 15th which was recorded
much closer to the stage, but I think this was a better show, more inspired
and upbeat. They're both good so I'm posting both together (in seperate torrents).
I'm sorry but my Talking Heads Los Angeles 80 show had to be scrubbed as my
Lakers tribute, because my 1st gen. recording sounded awful (offspeed too).
But unlike the Lakers, the L.A. Heads were saved (and posted) and apparently
a popular post, which makes it all the more appropriate for these two posts.
This one may not be great, but it's enjoyable, alot better than I expected
for a 3rd from back row of the floor recording.
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
This Byrne & Belew is for you...