Tallest Man On Earth
College Street Music Hall
New Haven, CT

Lineage: AudioReality Stealth condenser mics > Olympus LS10 Recorder > 96000 Hz/24 bit > Audacity 2.1.2 > 44100 Hz/16 bit FLAC

Taper: silt

Notes: I was positioned 4th row, stage right with mics clipped to the brim of my Thrasher Magazine hat. The levels were slightly low in my recording so I amplified to a maximum of -1.0 dB in Audacity. I used Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0 to create the ffp checksum.

I added fades at the start and end, as well as a fade out and in between "Time of the Blue" and "Sagres". My recorder has a file size limit, and that is where I started a new file. No music is lost though, just a bit of audience applause. I only added the fades so it wasn't jolting while listening.

Speaking of the audience, they were a bit rowdy on this Friday night on Yale's campus. There is lots of banter between songs which was funny at first, but got annoying after a while (telling the Tallest Man to make babies with Lady Lamb? I mean, c'mon!). Luckily this doesn't happen much while the music is being played sans once or twice at inappropriate moments (i.e. a particularly bad "woooooo" during "Time of the Blue). There is some fun audience sing-a-long though which adds energy to the performance. This is my fourth time seeing The Tallest Man On Earth, and it was easily the best performance I've seen of the four. Some of the songs with the band are really taking on a new life of their own (Revelation Blues for example).

I'm pretty new to recording shows, and this was my first time using the AudioReality Stealth condenser mics. Overall I am pleased with how the recording came out, and it's pretty true to how my ears heard things. I think there's a few moments where the sound gets too hot, especially during "King of Spain" and "Dark Bird is Home", but I'm still learning and the recording is very listenable. I hope you enjoy it!


01 intro
02 Wind and Walls
03 1904
04 Fields of Our Home
05 Burden of Tomorrow
06 The Wild Hunt
07 Darkness of the Dream
08 Love Is All
09 I Won't Be Found
10 The Gardner
11 Time of the Blue
12 Sagres
13 Revelation Blues
14 Timothy
15 Thousand Ways
16 Little Nowhere Towns
17 Where Do My Bluebirds Fly
18 King of Spain
19 Dark Bird Is Home
20 The Dreamer
21 Like The Wheel

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