Tame Impala

1. The Moment, 2. Elephant, 3. The Less I Know the Better, 4. Why Won�t they Talk to Me, 5. Alter Ego, 6. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, 7. Apocalypse Dreams.

Track Info: Splendour in the Grass Festival, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
Source Info: FM>LPCM>WAV>FLAC [Pioneers VSK-920K Tuner > Sony PCM-M10]
Mastering: Adobe Audition [Normalise to 0.1DB, FM Pulse tone removal, edit out station IDS, down sample to 16 bit 44khz] ; TLH (Fix SBE�s > FLAC]
Converter: Roman79
Length: 36:17

Sound Comments/Faults?: Excellent FM broadcast. Station IDs have been removed. Based on setlist.fm the first three songs were not broadcast; Intro, Let It Happen & Mind Mischief

Show Comments: Live to air (cutting in at the start of the 4th song) Triple J Broadcast on July 26 2015. Live debuts for The Moment and The Less I Know the Better.