Tame Impala - 2015-11-14 Belvoir Amphitheatre, Perth, Western Australia (A2)

Tame Impala
Belvoir Amphitheatre, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Saturday, 14th November 2015

Type: Audience, 30m left of sound desk
Lineage: TASCAM DR-40 (WAV 16bit 44.1k, 40Hz Low Cut Filter, Int. Mic) > Audacity (minor adjustments, see below) > CD WAVE (Split Tracks) > FLAC (FRE-AC) > YOU

01 � Intro
02 - Let It Happen
03 - Mind Mischief
04 - Why Won�t They Talk To Me
05 - Sestri Levante
06 - The Moment
07 - Elephant
08 - Yes I'm Changing
09 - The Less I Know the Better
10 - Eventually
11 - Alter Ego
12 - Oscilly
13 - Cause I'm A Man
14 - Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind
15 - Apocalypse Dreams
16 - Break
17 � Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
18 � Nothing That Has Happened So Far Could Be Anything We Could Control

Total Running Time: 01:36:55

The original recording was somewhat quiet, as input level was low on record (2), an amplify adjustment was made in Audacity, then a minor bass (decrease) and treble (increase) � the end result was much crisper sounding and louder overall (without clipping). The recording overall isn�t bad, the venue as the title suggests is an amphitheater, so minimal wind disturbance. Big hometown show for local boys done good... Plays best loud!

Contrast Clause -
I did rush out an ALAC version of this recording on reddit.com/r/tameimpala, this is with a lower level of amplification and no bass/treble adjustments. Hence why I have called this A2.

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