The recording is being shared as 16 bit/44.1 kHz stereo FLACs.

Tame Impala & The Growl
Terminal 5, NYC
February 19, 2013

The Growl set:

02- 3,6,9
03- The Sharp End of the Trowel
05- Spice Trader Blues
06- Douse the Lamps
07- You Can Leave Me on Boxing Day
08- John the Revelator
09- Smoke it Down
10- Cleaver Lever

Tame Impala set:

11- Intro
12- Apocalypse Dreams
13- It Is Not Meant to Be
14- Solitude Is Bliss
15- Endors Toi
16- Music to Walk Home By
17- Elephant
18- Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind?
19- Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
20- Be Above It
21- Mind Mischief
22- Alter Ego
23- Half Full Glass of Wine

24- Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control

Lineage: Stealth recorded and minimally produced by mrsaureus, standing center floor thirty feet back from the stage. Core-Sound High End Binaurals (DPA-4060 capsules) to Sony PCM-M10 (48 kHZ, 24 bit), WavePad Sound Editor to provide modest global amplification, cut into songs and export as16 bit/ 44.1 kHz FLACs. If people want it, I can share the 24/48 version. This is an audience recording that aims to document the experience of being in the crowd at the show, and features occasionally loud but appropriate crowd noise. This is the first time this recording is being shared.

Terminal 5 is by far my least favorite venue in NYC. It�s in one of the most antiseptic parts of Manhattan, surrounded by CBS monoliths and high end car dealers, with no place nearby to eat, and the security at the door feels you up like a drunken frat boy. But I keep going back because I have seen so many outstanding shows there. It�s the largest of the Bowery Presents venues, so it�s sometimes the last chance to see a band in a club. Next stop is very often the Garden for lots of the acts that come swinging through the canopy of the BP rainforest, and so on Tuesday night I found myself again in the vast Hell�s Kitchen vault for Tame Impala.

NYC is very often host to the first or last show of a tour, and on Tuesday night we were fortunate to get the opening show of TI�s American jaunt for Lonerism. Kevin made the usual comments about jet lag and being unpractised and out of sorts, but this was exactly the kind of show I love. Nothing was played exactly the way it is on the album, and almost every song had some interesting outro or extended instrumental. The encore number, Nothing That Has Happened . . ., was apparently played live for the first time, and it was a treat.

That Tame Impala is very much about Kevin Parker goes without saying. He mostly writes and plays everything for the studio albums, and onstage he stood front and center, slight and casual in an orange Antarctic expedition T-shirt, while the rest of the band was mostly bathed in shadow, out of sight and out of mind. Then at the end of the show Kevin announced a song that would feature guitartist Jay Watson, and what followed was the monumental Half Full Glass of Wine, the highlight of the show in my opinion, with Cream-y guitar goodness, and WhiteStripey verve. I wish we�d had more Jay all along.

Openers The Growl was a revelation. Fellow Perthians, and friends of TI, they played straight up blues-rock, a sort of SRV meets the Allman Bros at an outback barbie, with 2 drum sets and meaty riffs and hollers. One of the most outstanding openers I�ve seen in a long time.