Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Day 02
Boog - Stage
16. Juli 2017

minimax-master-series #782

Master - Audience recording
Taping-location: second row, a bit on the right side - due to some heavy talking chicks right in the middle
Sound-quality: excellent-
Ticket-costs: free festival
Catering: beer, water, veggie-burger, poffertjes
Parking-costs: ./.

Equipment: Zoom H4N with Sound professional microphones SP-CMC-8 !!!

Aaah, a festival with short ways between the stages. You just have to turn around from the main-stage and you'll be in front (o.k., more at the back) of the boog-stage.
So I grabbed this dutch singer/songwriter who came up with a band (two more musicians). Quiet o,k.. Sometimes he tried to sing in higher spheres � hmmmm...not my spheres.

Line-up: ???


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