Tangerine Dream

Sep 29 1968
Grugahalle Essen, Germany

June 25 1971
Ossiach Festival Villach, Austria

Tangerine Tree - Volume 59 - Essen 1968 / Ossiach 1971

from Tangerinedreamer's liner notes (2004):

"A strange recording. I'm not even shure if it's from 1968, or that it's really Tangerine Dream!
This seems to be an FM or soundboard recording, and the music is hard to describe. No
Pink Floyd/Hendrix free-form psychedelic rock music, but very dissonant, experimental atonal
sound collages. The second track is just voices, but is very effective and interesting. As a
bonus we took the Oszillator Planet Concert track from the 1971 'Ossiach Live' LP, sourced
and denoised from 'Electronic Orgy'."

1. Essen Part One (16'36)
2. Essen Part Two (18'20)
3. Oszillator Planet Concert (8'05)

in Germany:

Edgar Froese
Conrad Schnitzler
Klaus Schulze(?)

in Austria:

Edgar Froese
Christopher Franke
Steve Schroyder

Tracks 1 and 2 remastered by Whoopy Snorp from a FM radio broadcast.
Track 3 taken from the Ossiach Live LP.

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