Tangerine Dream

1972-11-25 Cologne, Western Germany 'Klangwald'

Audience tape, unknown generation, unknown equipment

CD-R > (EAC) > WAV > (TLH) > FLAC6

Part I (24:03)

Part II (17:27)

Edgar Froese
Christopher Franke
Peter Baumann

Artwork Included in the torrent

Another show that I got on a trade from the same person responsible for the Trees/Leaves project, but never released in the project.

This is NOT Tangerine Tree Volume 52: Cologne 1972, read Voices in the Net (http://www.voices-in-the-net.de/ttree052.htm) for more info.

SQ is good (8 of 10), however portions of the recording are saturated to the point of distortion, but great listen nonetheless. If you like the spacy TD this is a show for you!!

If any one has a version without the distortion please upload!