Tangerine Dream

June 7 1976
Royal Albert Hall London, UK

Tangerine Tree - Volume 34 - London 1976

"A decade ago a shortened version of this concert was released as part
of the 3 Tier Dream CD bootleg box, called Analogue Days. The Tangerine
Tree recording is complete except for the encore, which gets cut off after
thirteen minutes. Most likely the person who recorded it ran out of tape.
On this particular evening Chris Franke had some obvious problems with
'taming the beast', his sequencer. But nevertheless the band and the
audience enjoyed it (except Franke maybe :-) and the beginning of disc two
you can hear someone shouting "Macht nicht so lange Pausen, ihr Banditen!"
("don't take such long breaks, you bandits!"), at which Edgar holds up his
hands before launching into the pano introduction."
(Tangerinedreamer, July 2003)

Disc 1:

101 Part One (40'41)

Disc 2:

201 Part Two (39'44)
202 Encore (12'49)

Edgar Froese
Chris Franke
Peter Baumann

Remastered by (Side Effects) at Studio Positivland and 3N from an audience master tape copy.
Special thanks to Steve D.


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