Tangerine Dream

Nov 22 1976
Palais du Sport Paris, France

Tangerine Tree - Volume 19 - Paris 1976

"During 1976, Tangerine Dream performed at least forty live concerts, of which around
twenty five fan recordings are known to exist. Paris Palais du Sport November 22nd
surely ranks among the very best of them. Each concert still sounded unique as all of
the music performed was completely improvised (despite some occasional familiar
themes that occured here and there), but few of them equal the sheer brilliance of what
was played during this particular evening.
From dreamy, atmospheric passages to wild, uncontrolled screaming and shouting
accompanied by music that can almost be described as Punk or Heavy Metal (as can
be heard on Part II), the Froese/Franke/Baumann line-up played an awesome concert
filled with great variety, and we give our best regards to the person who managed to
tape the show in such excellent sound quality.
On the beginning of disc 2, Peter Baumann can be heard announcing a track by saying
'I hope you enjoy it'. We do :-) . "
Tangerinedreamer, December 2002

Disc 1

101 Part I (20'44)
102 Part II (25'50)

Disc 2

201 Part III (37'34)
202 Part IV (16'10)
203 Part V (13'27)

Edgar Froese
Christopher Franke
Peter Baumann

Audience master tape copy. Remastered by (Side Effects) at Studio Positivland.

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