Tangerine Dream

Berlin Eissporthalle, Germany

Tangerine Tree - Volume 67 - Berlin 1978

Disc 1:
01: Part One (70:09)

Disc 2:
01: Part Two (46:16)
02: Part Three (11:59)

Performed by Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Steve Jolliffe and Klaus Krieger.
Produced and released by the tadream discussion list (P) 2005.
Audience master tape copy remastered by (Side Effects) at Studio Positivland.
Special thanks to "The Oracle".
Cover by Maff. Tangerine Tree concept and coordination by Tangerinedreamer.
Converted to SHN by Leah Cim, using Exact Audio Copy and mkw Audio Compression Tool.
Produced by fans for fans - never sell or buy; trade freely.


First show of TD's Cyclone Tour 1978.

Although this date is written in VOICES IN THE DUNES (and from there taken to
VOICES IN THE NET), quite likely this concert didn't take place on February 19th.
While only one source (the official tour book) says February 19th, there are some
sources (concert poster, ticket, a newspaper clipping) in which is written Febru-
ary 17th.

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