Palais des Congr�s
Paris, France
March 6th, 1978
This event was linked with the Paris 1978 Hi-Fi Fair which was held in this Congress Center.

SOURCE : EX+ stereo audience master *** One of my best recordings ***

LINEAGE : JVC M-201 U stereo electret microphone ->
-> JVC KD2 stereo cassette recorder
-> master TDK AD type I cassettes
-> Nakamichi Dragon (NAAC auto-azimuth) Dolby off for playback
-> Zoom H2
-> Goldwave v.5.56: tracks, edits, fades, maximize volume at 90%
-> TLH 2.4.1 (build 160)-> FLAC level 8 align on sector boundaries

Disc one (0:47:13)
101.Set one (cut due to tape flip - fades out)

Disc two (1:03:06)
201.Set two (0:37:27)
202.Encore 1 (0:14:05)
203.Encore 2 (0:11:33)

Total 1:50:20

Recorded, digitized and shared on Dime by finkployd49 (December 2012)
SHOULD YOU SHARE THIS CONCERT ON ANOTHER TRACKER, please make sure to give all details,
including my nickname finkployd49. It is not for my personal glory, but for identification purposes; it is annoying to download the same source twice!

And, as usual : don't sell (or buy) this music! *** Edgar is watching you ***