Tangerine Dream

March 17 1978
Cirque Royale Brussels, Belgium

Tangerine Leaves - Volume 5 - Brussels 1978

Comment from Voices in the Net:

"Most TD collectors will know that 1978 wasn't a good year for audience recordings, as nearly all of them had
a rather bad sound quality. The tape recorded at Brussels Cirque Royale makes no difference, but Tangerine
Leaves Volume 5: Brussels 1978 has been remastered straight from the master tape, and anyway this was one
of the better performances of TD during that tour." (http://www.voices-in-the-net.de/tleav005.htm)

Disc 1:

101 Part I (46'58)

Disc 2:

201 Part Two (43'46)
202 Encore (Fragment) (3'04)

Edgar Froese
Christopher Franke
Steve Jolliffe
Klaus Krüger

from audience master tape recording, remastered by (Side Effects) at Studio Positivland.

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