Tangerine Dream - Live from the Berlin Wall, East Berlin Palast der Republik, GDR 1980-01-31
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Torrent #253419 Tangerine Dream - 1980-01-31, the Berlin Wall, East Berlin, Palast der Republik - First Time Ever 5.1 Surround-Sound Matrix NTSC DVD with added visualizations - A Doinker/MOB/TheTooleMan Consipiracy - Awe-inspiring - Don't blame us if you see God
because it is longer and from a different source.
I took a look through by bootlegs and found this CD-R from the concert.
It is a part of the 2-cassette-Box Set White Cloths, Part ! & IV.

Tangerine Dream Bootleg-CD
Beyond the Wall

01 AudioTrack 01 42:05
02 AudioTrack 02 12:29

CD - CD-Ex TLH you

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