Tangerine Dream

Oct 13 1980
Cirque Royal Brussels, Belgium

Tangerine Tree - Volume 26 - Brussels 1980

from the liner notes:
"This was Johannes Schmoelling's first extensive concert tour with Tangerine Dream - which started in Kiel, Germany on
October 11th and ended in Santa Monica, USA on November 22nd 1980 - covering 28 performances of which 17 exist as
fan tape recordings.
For the first time in Tangerine Dream's career, the music played within a concert tour was no longer entirely improvised.
There was little room for variation, except for keyboard and piano solos that were performed differently now and then. The
eighties had finally arrived, and the very productive Froese/Franke/Schmoelling line-up presented a live set with state-of-the-art
sequencer music which even twenty years later still sounds fresh and innovative.
Although very reminiscent of Thief, large parts of the music that were played during this tour are as yet still unreleased, but
we hope that Tangerine Tree Volume 26 with its excellent sound quality surely is able to fill this gap."
Tangerinedreamer, December 2002

Disc 1:

101 Undulation (5'17)
102 Oceadum (6'54)
103 Calymba Caly (15'24)
104 Undulation (Reprise) (4'51)
105 Bruparck (4'14)
106 Force Majeure (excerpt) (3'27)
107 The Price (3'04)

Disc 2:

201 Silver Scale / Horns of Doom (21'38)
202 Phase Change (4'18)
203 Diamond Duster (4'26)
204 Diamond Diary (Guitar Part) (9'49)
205 Choronzon (11'09)
206 Atomium (6'29)

Edgar Froese
Christopher Franke
Johannes Schmoelling

Audience master tape copy. Remastered by (Side Effects) at Studio Positivland.
Special thanks to Ramon S.

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