Tangerine Dream

Palau Blaugrana 2

23Rd October 1980




Tour:1980 World Tour

Source:Master Rec.Analog Audio Tapes



Equipement:Unknow Excatly, I Know To Use A Aiwa Tape Recorder ,But Not Sure About The One We Used For That One.

Linage:Analog Tape>Aiwa Deck>Pc>Audacity>Cd Wave Edt.>Tlh ( Flac 8 Level)


This Show Is Another Master Source From My Old Concert Vault Collection.I Don't Remember The Equipement Used And Location For This Show Because We Are A Team Recording Shows At That Time.Another Problem Is The Set Up Of The Set List.I Hope That The Followers Of This Band Help Us With The Set List And See If The Cut Tracks I Do They Are Correct.
I Remember To Meet Edgar Froese Some Years Ago On "Tarda Tard�" Radio Program In Catalunya R�dio(24Th April 2004) With My Friend Jordi Tard�,Edgar Was Very Impresed When I Say That I Was At This Show With My Father Who Are A Very Good Fan Of Their Band.We Are Very Sad When Few Years Later , Edgar Died (2015),But I
Remember That He Was Very Kind With Us And Signed Lots Of Records.
Included Two Pics From The Edgar On Cat.R�dio At Tarda Tard�.(Carbobueno (C))

Edited By Carbobueno



Edgar Froese

Cristopher Franke

Johannes Schmoelling

Set List:


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