Tangerine Dream

Oct 19 1982
Chip Fesztivál, Sportcsarnok Budapest, Hungary

Edgar Froese
Chris Franke
Johannes Schmoelling

2nd show of TD's 1982 European Tour and their first concert in Hungary (according to a hungarian magazine:) in front of 11,000 people.

The Chip Fesztival also brought Klaus Schulze to the Hungarian capital two days later (a large part of this performance is featured on
disc 1 of La Vie Electronique 9).

Here is the complete show, composited from 2 very different sources:

1st set: an (B) audience recording
2nd set: an (EX) FM master recording (= Tangerine Tree Volume 87)

Disc 1 = Set 1
was spreaded by Hungarian fans in October 2007 in Frankfurt, Germany, when Tangerine Dream played their "One Night in Space"
concert at the Alte Oper.

Original text:
"This disc contains a live TD material previously not available in any acceptable quality - no Tree, no Leaves, no Bootleg Box and so
on... We have a fan recording - taken by Laszlo Kovacs and Ferenc Filep - of the first part of the first TD show in Hungary, performed
in 1982.
The quality of this recording is quite acceptable - by the standard measurement it could get a strong 6 or 7. It was taken by an open
reel recorder brought inside the big hall, with two decent-quality microphones with long cables which were placed hard left and right of
the audience.
The sex appeal of this show was the technical failure within a Keep track - the playback tape of the backing has broken and the music
suddenly stopped - the band was forced to improvise freely for some minutes. This happening is accurately preserved on our recording."

01 Logos (Part 1) (8'15)
02 Heritage Survival (5'31)
03 Mirage / Desert Run (11'54)
04 The Night in Romania (4'39)
05 Dreamscape (6'13)
06 Choronzon (8'20)
07 Tangent (3'54)

Audience recording.
Trader's CD-R (WAV) > [EAC] > track splits > [TLH] > FLAC8

Disc 2 = Set 2
Tangerine Tree - Volume 87 - Budapest 1987

01 Mojave Plan (10:40)
02 Logos, Part I (07:17)
03 Logos, Part II (13:35)
04 Logos, Part III (04:54)
05 Logos, Part IV (04:41)
06 Logos, Part V (06:48)
07 Logos, Part VI (03:03)
08 Midnight in Tula (04:37)
09 White Eagle (05:15)
10 Kiew Mission (07:49)

FM master recording remastered by Whoopy Snorp.
Special thanks to Pal S.
CD-R > [EAC] > WAV > [TLH] > FLAC8

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