Tangerine Dream - 1983-12-10 Warsaw, Poland (DVD Pro-shot)

Polish TV broadcast

Upgrade to Digital Video Tree Volume 2

Line-up: Edgar Froese, Christopher Franke and Johannes Schmoelling

Set List:

Tangent (excerpt)

Total running time: 30 min. aprox.

Audio extracted via VLC for SugarMegs stream.
Format: DVD5 PAL 4x3

Source: unknown. I've received this DVD-R on a trade with little info about its source, but judging by
the image it's probably from a master or a very good 1st generation tape. Sound quality is very good too,
although in mono.

Disclaimer: There is an official album of the 1983 Poland concert, but there are some differences
from the music contained on this DVD-R, so I don't think I'm violating Dime's policy. If you play
them side by side, you'll easily notice the differences. Else, if you don't have the Poland album
yet, I'm sure that after watching this video you'll buy the album so that you can hear the whole
concert and not only this 30 minutes excerpt! In that case I recommend the 2 CD remastered edition.
It's a shame that an official DVD was not released though!

Download Original Video File For This Show.