Tangerine Dream

Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh 12 March 1986

Disc 1

01 Intro UK 86
02 Stratosfear 86
03 Akash Deep
04 Beneath the Waves
05 Zen Garden
06 Scuba Scuba
07 Coloured Rain
08 Piano Medley
09 Dolphin Dance
10 Northern Lights
11 Cool Breeze of Edinburgh Pt. 1 (fades at tape flip - missed about a minute or so)

Disc 2

01 Going West (fades in)
02 Yellowstone Park
03 Underwater Twilight
04 Legend Leftover
05 Unicorn Theme (Part 1)
06 Unicorn Theme (Part 2)
07 Mothers of Rain
08 Rare Bird

Recording lineage for Edinburgh -

Sony mono portable, built-in mic -> Cassette(M)

Playback lineage -

Cassette(M) on Technics Cassette Deck -> Alesis Masterlink @ 44.1kHz, 16-bit (track splits, fades, splices, level adjustment) -> CDR -> EAC to .wav -> TLH to .flac
TLH sez no SBEs

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Mastered by GRC May 2008

Mastering notes;

Edinburgh was recorded with a C120, so only one tape flip, but misses a minute or so at the flip.
Breaks between discs co-incide with tape flips, so just get fade-in/out
No EQ, just level adjustment in each case.

The tunes 'Cool Breeze of (town/city)' - title taken from the official Tangs Vault release, which, when they played at Brighton, had this tune titled 'Cool Breeze of Brighton'...


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