Tangerine Dream
"Free From Dallas" - Live Optical Race Tour
September 18, 1988


Recorded using Realistic's best portable stereo cassette deck at the time with their powered stereo external microphone.

Disc 1 tracks 1 thru Disc 2, 1 minute and 6 seconds into track 7 -TDK SA90 High Bias Cassette (The Master). The balance of the show is from my VHS copy of the cassette master tapes. My master cassette of part 2 is lost, thanks to a bitter ex-wife - or should I say NO THANKS! The VHS copy of masters is a Maxell XL-HIFI 120

Cassette Master/VHS copy of 2nd Master ->Wav File PCM 48kHz 16 bit 1536kbps ->FLAC using Trader's Little Helper (level 8) ->You


Edgar Froese
Paul Haslinger
Ralf Wadephul


Disc 1:

1. Mothers Of Rain 5:54
2. After The Call 5:48
3. Tyger 5:08
4. Alchemy Of The Heart 4:18
5. Papyrus (Piano) 3:59
6. Phaedra 88 4:38
7. Live Miles 10:31
8. Logos 88 6:01
9. Parabola 14:22 (tape flip 6 seconds into song -missed about 4 seconds of music)

CD #2

1. Table Bay 2:25
2. Nomads Scale 9:15
3. CatScan 5:06
4. Atlas Eyes 5:17
5. Marakesh 8:12
6. Edenís Gate 1:32
7. Ghazal 7:48 (tape change 1 min 6 seconds into song - missed 4-5 seconds of music. Remaining part of show from my VHS copy of master tape)
8. Alexander Square 5:06
9. The Silent League 1:44
10. Canyon Voices 7:21
11. Optical Race 3:37
12. Edgar Thanks Crowd 0:39

Notes about the show:

This was a free concert, sponsored by a Dallas radio station that changed formats, thus the title "Free From Dallas". Andy Summers opened up the concert. He had just released Mysterious Barricades.
The show does have some minor flaws other than the tape flips. The part of the show that the VHS tape was used to create these files have several periodic "fuzzy" sounds for a brief moment. It is the sound you get when the tracking needs adjusting on your VCR, however I suspect the problem is in the tape and not the VHS player as it has automatic tracking. I am in the process of tracking down a cassette copy of my master cassettes from one of my friends who attended the show with me but lives several states away. I've emailed him but no reply on whether he still has his copy and if the copy has been played or he made a copy of his copy to listen to. Until I hear back from him and discover those unknown facts, this is as good as it gets.

D1-01-Mothers of Rain.flac:794f4da72f72454b821bae5ce4049094
D1-02-After The Call.flac:3c5de6ef88ff704206069106e6d0d334
D1-04-Alchemy Of The Heart.flac:e50d2689bc794e1f6e6a3623f8f2aa38
D1-05-Papyrus (Piano).flac:421dfb1b8d36dfa4867c2fae58a6783c
D1-06-Phaedra 88.flac:eb6041d594c7bfbf220f09c70285f274
D1-07-Live Miles.flac:b762b9576cd49366f923736a10d4ba45
D1-08-Logos 88.flac:a48327100275527f82b79d082531160c
D2-01-Table Bay.flac:39b201b0ff93d15e88b55e5387693b4c
D2-02-Nomad's Scale.flac:5c4d7ccd05a86ac2419776ac5afe3800
D2-04-Atlas Eyes.flac:206aba101f178b4bf795dff0c47d1e5a
D2-06-Eden's Gate.flac:8f7c007f6b77b7556f85fcef236ee307
D2-08-Alexander Square.flac:7fbe86cbf12aa5c39ddceed8f76d2b07
D2-09-The Silent League.flac:8fc7d0a10da8025fe0d75a1cd72d6f6c
D2-10-Canyon Voices.flac:fe6aa5129180a7b4e96caa8849a466bb
D2-11-Optical Race.flac:cd02020edf77b0dd5a7d2083fdfd30f2
D2-12-Edgar Thanks Crowd.flac:f9ac9659b7ac8a9279412d73a7b303b0