Tangerine Dream

Oct 30 1990
City Hall, Sheffield, UK

Sourced from an almost complete audience recording.
(mono and a bit low recording level - nevertheless not bad)

Two years after the North American Optical Race Tour, TD's 1990 UK tour was a mixed success: packed
or only quarterly filled venues. According to fan reports the City Hall in Sheffield was perhaps half full, if
that. The band played well but did not enjoy the concert because there was a very bad turnout and poor
response from the audience. After the concert Paul Haslinger said, "we were sisappointed with the crowd's
reaction. I cannot understand why, when people pay to see us, they continually get out of their seats and
generally disrupt other people who are trying to enjoy the show."

Disc 1:

101 Three Bikes in the Sky (6'01)
102 Atlas Eyes (4'01)
103 Gaudi Park (5'06)
104 Cat Scan (5'40)
105 Alaskan Summer (3'36)
106 Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme) (3'12)
107 Diamond Diary (3'15)
108 Love on a Real Train (2'47)
109 Phaedra (3'51)
110 Electric Lion (8'19)

Disc 2:

201 Rolling Down Cahuenga (8'17)
202 Dolls in the Shadow (5'03)
203 Cries and Whispers (12'49)
204 Wall Street (3'22)
205 Hitchhiker's Point (5'09)
206 Long Island Sunset (7'17)
207 Ghazal (5'10)
208 Melrose (6'18)
209 Closing Words (0'34)

Edgar Froese
Jerome Froese
Paul Haslinger
Linda Spa
Paul Griesbach

Trader's CD-R > (EAC) > WAV > [Steinberg WaveLab4] > fade ins/outs, edits* > [EAC] > track splits > [TLH] > FLAC8

(*a 5 sec cut in "Diamond Diary" has been repaired with a piece from the Worthing (Oct 28th) concert, another
5 sec cut in "Cries and Whispers" with a piece of the Newcastle (Nov 1st) concert. 2 separate pieces of "Rolling
Down Cahuenga" have been re-connected, some digital clicks have been removed manually.)

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