Tangerine Dream

April 16 1997
Hochschule der Kuenste Berlin, Germany

Another almost complete audience recording (6-7/10) from the European leg of the Tournado tour.
If the Tangerine Tree would have continued this would have become a good Tangerine Leaves volume.

Disc 1: Vintage Set

101 Waterborne (6'13)
102 Betrayal (3'17)
103 Diamond Diary (2'58)
104 Escape From Shadowland (2'09)
105 Sundance Kid (6'00)
106 Silver Scale (8'51)
107 Warsaw in the Sun (4'47)
108 Exit (4'32)
109 Stratosfear 95 (7'55)
110 Dolphin Dance (5'56)
111 Logos (6'31)
112 Le Parc (3'59)
113 The Blue Bridge (4'34)

Disc 2: Modern Set

201 Drum Solo (4'08)
202 Flashflood (7'52)
203 220 Volt (Big Volt Version) (8'20)
204 Firetongues (7'11)
205 Girls on Broadway (5'07)
206 Little Blond in the Parc of Attractions (7'40)
207 Rising Haul in Silence (7'35)
208 Lamb With Radar Eyes (Lost Lamb Version) (7'38)
209 Touchwood (7'37)
210 Towards the Evening Star (6'24)

Disc 3: Encores

301 Maedchen on the Stairs (Rien ne va plus mix) (6'43)
302 Thief Yang and the Tangram Seal (5'18)
303 Catwalk (Dress-Up Mix) (6'51) [fades out]
304 Purple Haze (3'32)
305 Closing Words (1'35)

Edgar Froese - keyboards, sequencer control
Jerome Froese - keyboards, sequencer control
Emil Hachfeld () - codotronic & percussion
Zlatko Perica - electric & acoustic guitars

Master tape > ... > trader's CD-R* > [EAC] > WAV > [Steinberg WaveLab4] > edits > [EAC] > track
splits > [TLH] > FLAC8

Source for these files were copies of the *Collected Rarities Volumes 69/70/71 - the raw master tape
on CD-R, (a bit wrongly) splitted in tracks.
Edits: Some clicks and pops were edited out. Some pieces of crowd applauses were removed,
faded in/out or crossfaded. For more listening pleasure the unfortunately incomplete 'Catwalk' was
faded out because it ended suddenly by a hard cut. Some track splits were smoothed (by comparison
with the official releases 'Valentine Wheels' and 'Tournado').

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by Gary Struhlik, Apr 17, 1997 (http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/tadream/message/2729)

Return from the show (my ears resound).
All I can say is : The concert was very great !

Great atmosphere, great people (the audience and the
musicians) and the show was superb. Three encores and
some cool german spoken words by EF and the end of
the show.

The bass was not to loud ! I think the acoustics was tuned up very
good to the hall.

Gary S.

PS: During the concert I fixed my eyes to Jerome's Cola
can which stands on his rack behind him.



by Hilmar Kraft, Apr 17, 1997 (http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/tadream/message/2738)

Hi folks,

I am on the digest version, so I don't know if someone already reported
about the great Berlin concert last night, but here are my impressions

First of all, while the advance tickets from "Moderne Welt" had been long
sold out, there were several hundred tickets available at the concert hall
itself (good for me, as I was able to sell off my row 16 ticket to someone
and buy a row 4 ticket instead). Nevertheless it seemed like the entire
venue ended up being more or less sold out as I only spotted a handful of
empty searts during the show.

The merchandise stand had indeed no more Quinoa, but instead yesterday for
the first time the Australian Goblins Club (which apparently was not
available at the other shows last week) with the track "Fort Worth Runway
One". Also on sale: Oasis CD and the Special 1997 Tour CD with "Maedchen on
the stairs" (sic) in 2 versions and one other track. This particular CD has
a great design: It is sort of a CD-single embedded in a full-size (12cm)
CD. The outer ring of the CD is completely see-through clear plastic, only
the actual recorded tracks have that silvery shine... Further items on
sale: 2 t-shirts (white or blue) with the TDI logo (as seen on the first
edition of TYGER), one black polo shirt with the same logo embroidered in
gold, one black baseball cap with embroidered logo, a TD-pin and 3
different ballpoint pens with TDs name.

The concert itself: For those who have been to London, the set was mostly
identical to Sheperd's Bush despite of the different band lineup.
Unfortunately the venue itself "Hochschule der Kuenste" is a very modern
and sterile hall, and unlike London, it was seating-room only. While this
obviously has a negative influence, the crowd was still very good and one
of the best I have ever seen in a seating-only concert. It seemed to me
that the band was also very suprised and happy about the audience reaction,
as Edgar gave a thumbs-up sign while pointing to the audience at 2

The sound quality was outstanding and crystal clear. While the bass indeed
was heavy and the music was played pretty loud, it did not exceed my
personal tolerance level for loudness. If anyone was in the audience with a
tape recorder, I would guess that the result will be pretty good,

I was pleasantly suprised by Zlatko. He plays a lot less obtrusive than
before and his guitar is now much more in line with the overall music, he
has become more of a band member rather than going off on Satriani-like
noodlings. I think he was a big improvement over Hornby and Gradwool, who
in London more or less stood around looking bored most of the time and
constantly conveyed the impression that they were only there because
somebody paid them to, not because they really liked the music.
Interestingly, Zlatko "played" along to almost every song, even when there
was no guitar to be heard, he was scrubbing along in the background. I
don't know if this was only for show or if somehere buried in the mix a
guitar was supposed to be there. Fact is: I didn't hear any in these
particular all-synth tracks, but it sure looked better than these two bored
guys in London...The pieces where Zlatko did play came out much better than
in London (e.g. Stratosfear 95).

The drummer I have mixed feelings about. He is standing up while playing
and has a huge 360-degrees drum set around him. There are about 8 bigger
drums behind him and on the sides, with a special electronic surface which
he can play at the rim or the center, another 8 or so all-electronic pads
(anyone remember the band SAGA?) and a set of acoustic cymbals, hi-hats
etc. The electronic drums of course change sounds throughout the show
depending on the settings. The problem here: He only plays about half of
the drum track live. A major portion (especially all bass drum) still comes
from the MIDI-Mix. Since the drums he does play live sound exactly like the
ones from the mix, it often looks like he is only mimicking to a playback
tape. Very confusing. There was also a "drum solo" as the opener to part 2
of the show, which I personally was not very impressed with. On the other
hand, this guy adds a lot to the show and at least his playing of the
cymbals and hi-hats gives the overall sound a great improvement.
Particularly on the more ravy tracks from Dream Mixes he adds a lot of
energy and power.

Personally, I am one of the people who could never really appreciate the
sax play of Linda and thus, I consequently did not miss her much. I really
enjoyed the fact that Zlatko took over her part, and he did a good job of
playing dreamy longish notes on his guitar which fit very well.

Unlike London, where I had the impression that Edgar looked a little tired
and almost seemed to give his son the front seat, he was "the one in
charge" last night. He paid very close attention to what the new drummer
was doing and constantly looked over to him as if he was judging and trying
to decide whether he had been a good addition or not.

The light show was much better than in London with some very neat effects,
even though some of them were projected into the audience and you had to
turn your head to the back wall to see them. The second half had the same
video clips from Oasis and Video Dream Mixes as were seen in London, but
only very little of that "Froese Home Video" stuff.

Like I said, musically the set had a lot of similarities with Sheperd's
Bush. A nice suprise was the addition of an excerpt from "Logos", which
didn't sound as good as the original though. Highlight of the show was
certainly an incredible version of "Silver Scale" which sounded much more
"eighties-like" than on Tangents and really had me transported back in time
for a while. I closed my eyes and was so sure to listen to a
Froese-Franke-Schmoelling lineup that it was creepy. Well done guys!

The big disappointment (really the only one) of that evening was that Edgar
didn't "whip it out". I stil think that the moment he came on stage with
his axe in London was the absolute concert highlight there, and it was
sorely missed last night. Other than that it was absolutely worth it and on
many levels even an improvement over London, a more perfected version so to
say. The set was slightly more dance/dream-mix oriented than in London and
Edgar and the guys didn't even give us a single break: no slow tracks, no
piano solo, it was all full-speed! The audience went really wild when
"Thief Yang and the Tangram Seal" was played, as most of them had probably
not heard it before. Also the "Maedchen" remix was played and sounded
pretty good. To my amazement, the show started at 8:10 and finished at
11:25 with a 20 minute break inbetween. This made for some 2:55 of music
(well...minus 5 minutes while waiting for the encores) - almost 3 hours!
The final encore was...yet again...Purple Haze.

After the show, Edgar grabbed a mike and extended special greetings to
Berlin, "the city where we still pay our taxes" as he put it last night.
Interestingly, he "apologized" to "all the 68ers who are now sitting in the
expensive front rows with their Armani jackets" and said that the concert
may have been "too loud" for them (which of course was heavily denied by
the audience" and wished us farewell "until the next time..."

Hilmar Kraft

PS: Please don't ask me for a track list - After my first 50 TD CDs I have
given up on even trying to remember song titles!