Tangerine Dream - 2019-03-13, The Barbican, London, UK

Tangerine Dream
13th March 2019
The Barbican


D101 Sorceror Theme
D102 Love On A Real Train
D103 Sensing Elements 1
D104 Sensing Elements 3
D105 Identity Proven Matrix
D106 Horizon 1
D107 Horizon 2
D108 White Eagle
D109 Power Of The Rainbow Serpent

D110 Roll The Seven Twice

D201 Mirage Of Reality

D202 It's Time To Leave When Everyone Is Dancing
D203 Los Santos City Map
D204 Tangram
D205 Ricochet Pt.2
D206 Dolphin Dance

D207 Stratosfear

D301 9.44pm Session "Each tea lasts an hour"


Core Sound Binaural Microphone Set (Fixed Flat Response) -> Tascam DR-05 (44.1KHz / WAV 16 bit) ->
Cubase Pro 10 with some equalisation using various EQ and whatnot/Audacity/Traders Little Helper


I went away for a nice long holiday directly after the little flurry of gigs that this one week provided (2 TDs and a Steve Joliffe - unfortunately the Glasgow gig and the Joliffe did not result in anything satisfactory enough to pass on to you). Therefore this one was a bit delayed in being put on dime. With much respect to any previous offerings from this gig and their provider(s), here's my effort.