Taste - Stadthalle, Basel, Switzerland, February 1st 1970, SBD, complete show.

01.Morning Sun
02.Sugar Mama
03.I'll Remember
04.Walkin' blues
05.Eat My Words
06.Railway And Gun
07.I Feel So Good pt.1 > Drums Solo (cut)

Disc Two :

01.Drums Solo (fades in) - I Feel So Good pt.2
02.What's Going On
03.Catfish > I Just Want To Make Love To You > Catfish

Encores ;

04.Same Old Story
05.Pontiac Blues (Same Old Story)

Soundboard recording, really great sound.

Important note :

I finally located the tape of the Basel show. Comparing this new tape, with the one i posted as Montreaux
7.1970 some months ago, and with the official released lp live Taste, live from Montreaux, well i found out that the one i posted as Montreaux is actually Basel and that this new Basel tape i found is 10 times better quality of the other one. I compared the Basel tape with the officially realesed live in Montreaux and all the versions of the songs are completely different and have completely different intros by Rory Gallagher......is it a little bit confusing but now i'm certain that all the tapes circulating as Montreaux are actually Basel, and the only Montreaux show existing is the officially released one....So my Montreaux tape was just labeled wrong...
since the set lists of Montreaux and Basel show are almost identical, with my first post, having the tape
labeled as Montreaux, i just removed the tracks that had been officially released on the live lp, without
doing a deep analisys, so my apologies for that.

1st generation cassette > behringer ultra curve pro deq 2496 audio equalizer > tascam audio cdrw750 > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.