"Tell Me Sugar Mama, Where'd You Get Your Sugar From?"
"I've Been Down In Louisiana, I've Been Working On Your Daddy's Sugar Farm!".

Taste .... August 5, 1968 & February 17, 1969
BBC Top Gear; London, England

Quality: vg/vg+ am(?) .... 10 tracks = 32:36 minutes
Lineage: ??unknown cassette gen??> CDR> (wav) EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Flac Frontend level 8 (verify & align on sector boundaries)
Note: These recordings sound a lot worse than the tracks from the "London Invasion" bootleg tracks, but these tracks do not fade out sooner than those same tracks. These tracks also have some DJ banter between tracks.
You will also find two new tracks here that are not found anywhere else (at this time). Those being "Born On The Wrong Side Of Time" & "Wee Wee Baby". I'm going to credit those two tracks to the dates I have below, because those ironically happen to be the "unsurfaced" tracks from those particular dates & they are found with those confirmed date tracks, etc.
I believe both versions of the track "Hail" below are the same, but from different broadcasts, as there is different DJ banter either before or after the track.
Artwork Note: have on personal compilations CDR "Taste BBC", ?? artwork & on CDR "Early BBC, Denmark, & Germany 1968-70", Cobb artwork. On both of these mentioned artworks that contain these BBC Taste recordings, you will find track #4 "Born On The Wrong Side Of Time" actually listed as track #7. I put it in the track #4 position in this torrent so it will be with the other tracks from the same said date. The other tracks found on these two artworks / compilations were offered in some of my previous torrents. The "Taste BBC" last five tracks are the April 2, 1970 BBC live tracks I offered previously.

Taste; August 5, 1968 (Tx. 8-25-68) BBC Top Gear Studio Session; London, Eng.
Original Taste line-up:
Rory Gallagher - guitar & vocals
Eric Kittringham - bass
Norman Damery - drums

01 Blister On The Moon (end only) (1:10m)
02 Dual Carriageway Pain (3:24m)
03 Norman Invasion (2:31m)
04 Born On The Wrong Side Of Time (4:11m)

Taste; February 17, 1969 (Tx. 3-9-69) BBC Top Gear Studio Session; London, Eng.

05 Sugar Mama (6:08m)
06 Leaving Blues (4:32m)
07 Hail (1:05m)
08 Wee Wee Baby (4:38m)
09 Hail (2:21m)
10 I'm Moving On (2:44m)

**** Do not ever convert this to a lossy format (like MP3's, etc.)!! ****
**** Do not profit from this recording, like selling this on Ebay!! ****

Torrented to DaD by Jeff James (roryglzep@aol.com)


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f0acd393f5234eb0bb9fbf71f1076653 *Taste1968-08-05AM-non-boot-T02.flac
8bc2dad945b5b6e54110bc0152860e3c *Taste1968-08-05AM-non-boot-T03.flac
14f6e41c6cb973ba2f4990c35a8214a9 *Taste1968-08-05AM-non-boot-T04.flac
fe0b1baec6b1ad7590defe973dd84f8c *Taste1969-02-17AM-non-boot-T01.flac
6ecc5dd055bddab3bdbbb595c97f055b *Taste1969-02-17AM-non-boot-T02.flac
fe18797e98f58a89f907997bc2cb3519 *Taste1969-02-17AM-non-boot-T03.flac
8c1db1aee65f66ea9cca9198325bbabe *Taste1969-02-17AM-non-boot-T04.flac
9f83efb7b2ec6c04386f4ebed6ed3563 *Taste1969-02-17AM-non-boot-T05.flac
766154d287e509993297b2db9aa58cef *Taste1969-02-17AM-non-boot-T06.flac