Tastes Like Rory - Various Jam Sessions xx-xx-2014
Sorry for not uploading these for a while although I'm sure nobody missed them =)
I hope you enjoy the covers
We played at the Rory G fest in Ballyshannon but I lost the files from the recording, still a good experience nonetheless.

Lineage: Logitech Mic>Audacity>wav>FLAC>DIME

30th June 2014
1. Babe I'm Gonna Leave (Led Zeppelin style instrumental)
2. Stand By Me (Quicksilver Messenger Service cover)

12th July 2014
3. Concrete Jungle/The Heathen (Bob Marley & The Wailers cover)

17th August 2014
4. All Along The Watchtower (Spirit style w/ DMB version at the end)

13th September 2014
5. Johnny B Goode > Easy Skankin' > Jammin' (Peter Tosh > Bob Marley & The Wailers covers)

21st December 2014
6. Bush Doctor (Peter Tosh cover)
7. Roxanne (not to be taken seriously) > I Don't Want Nobody (Kaptain Kopter And The Fantastic Twirly Birds style) > Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (Jimi Hendrix cover)

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