Tchicai-Kohlahase Quartet
Sept 10, 2004
@Artists At Large Gallery II
First Congregational Church,
Hyde Park, MA

John Tchicai (b cl) (ts)
Charlie Kohlhase (as. ts, bar s)
Chuck Gabriel (bass)
Lukas Ligeti (d)

Chuck Gabriel was a last minute fill in
for Adam Lane who cancelled a day or two
before the gig.

This show was held in the main church area
upstairs and the band played lined up across
the area between the pews and the altar. The
usual, downstairs, room used for AALG shows
was being utilized that night, necessitating the move.

I taped from the first pew, right in front of JT. CK was
next to JT on his left and CG was to CK's left. LL was
off to JT's right, spaced away a bit. I think the tape
came out with nice stereo separation and the high, vaulted
ceiling in the church lends a great touch of reverb.

recorded by allsoundz Sonic Studios DSM-6s>Sony PCM-M1
>Tascam DA 20 MKII>HHB CDR 830>CD Wave>Flac