Tea Leaf Green
Grand Sierra Theatre
Reno, NV

Source: AKG ck63>480b > Bumblebee MiAGi II's > Marantz PMD 671 (OadeACM)
Transfer: Transfer: USB > SF 6.0 Dither > CDwave track splits > flac

Set 1

d101 Frans Hanzerbeak
d102 These Two Chairs
d103 Taught to be Proud
d104 Bastard Brother
d105 Devals Pay
d106 If It Wasn't for the Money
d107 Making a Connection
d108 Can't get High
d109 One Reason
d110 Georgie P
d111 Garden III

tlg 2007-02-1806.flac:abc511ebea09b16ff66153e534a7d1ed
tlg 2007-02-1807.flac:55f7f5b1e027255ff770fd053eb5312e
tlg 2007-02-1808.flac:46b7e09b3e9d1ad795d3fe231c91363f
tlg 2007-02-1809.flac:bce8099ee54edd26009f1ea49ef9b3fa
tlg 2007-02-1810.flac:698ea96563664d2f50befe2e0363a099
tlg 2007-02-1811.flac:edfdd589c77bc6dd3783bbee06fbf90a
tlg 2007-02-1801.flac:acd79aa4eaf30d22810eacacc9815d34
tlg 2007-02-1802.flac:ea55c41abee845b8b946a167e1061149
tlg 2007-02-1803.flac:58cd2f22711619c94a79ab6dc687c51b
tlg 2007-02-1804.flac:ff2eb931c085e139d0dffeea75add485
tlg 2007-02-1805.flac:5f30c033ee01ee908710a01f73eb360b