Tea Leaf Green
January 18th, 2009
Gravity Lounge
Charlottesville, Virginia

source: BSCS-L (M/S; C/8) > FR2-LE [BA-Tmod] (24/44.1)
location: FOB, DFC, Ceiling Clamp 9', 18' from stage.
transfer: WAV > Audacity 1.3.6 (midside decoding, dither, and tracking) > WAV > FLAC (v1.1.4 --best --sector-align -V)
recorded by: page

Notes: Nathan Moore played with the band on 2 songs (Month of May & Damage). Each set fits on a single audio disc. Thanks to Pmonk66 & F0cker for help with the setlist.

======= 1st Set (Acoustic, "Coffee Bean Brown")
Let Us Go
I've Got a Truck
Earth & Sky
One Reason
Farm's Been Sold
Honey Bee
Dreaming Without Sleeping
Faced With Love
Stick to the Shallows
======= 2nd Set (Electric)
Papa's in the Backroom
If It Wasn't for the Money
Bumper Crop of Strange
Cant Get High
My Bastard Brother
Month of May
Country Seduction
Garden Applauds
Standing Still
Don't Let It Down
It's All Too Much
((Encore Break))
Sex in the '70s