Tea Leaf Green
5/22/09 - Friday
Zollman's Pavilion, Buffalo Creek Music Festival, Lexington, VA

Disc 1:
2-Don't Curse The Night >
3-Let's All Ride Together
4-Emma Lee
6-Make A Connection >
7-Incandescent Devil
8-I'm Not Fit
9-Training A Cloud
10-One Reason
11-Devil's Pay

Disc 2:
1-Earth & Sky
3-Can't Get High
4-Lil' Hood
5-If You Wanna Go Down
6-Let Us Go
E: 7-Faith

Source: Church Audio Cards(XY90) > STC-9000 > JB3(44.1) > WAV > Audacity 1.5(Normalized) > CD Wave(Tracked) > FLAC8(TLH)

Location: FOB, ~3' LOC, ~7.5' high, ~1' in front of hanging rafter