Tea Leaf Green 2011-02-03 Alley Katz Richmond, VA Source:SchoepsMK41s>KCY>VMS5u>R44(Ocm)24/96 Location:DFC/FOB Clamped To Balcony Transfer:SDHC>Audacity 16/44>Amadeus Pro>xACT Taped By:Chris King Set 1 01.Red Ribbons 02.Dreaming Without Sleeping> 03.Hanging From a Tree 04.Not Fit> 05.Georgie P. 06.Moonshine 07.Been So Long 08.Looney Bin 09.Old Times (1) 10.Wet Spot Set 2 01.This Is Real 02.Hooneymooners 03.Two Chairs 04.I've Got a Truck (2) 05.Training a Cloud 06.Shoes 07.Goodbye Mary 08.Garden III 09.Nothing Changes> 10.Incadescent Devil 11.Crowd 12.Truck Stop Sally (1) Todd Snider song (2) w/ Sam Wilson (Sons of Bill)