Teardrop Explodes
London WC1
2nd August 1979
stereo SBD
unknown generation cassette->WAV->FLAC

01. Second Head
02. Brave Boys
03. All I Am Is Loving You
04. Sleeping Gas
05. Take A Chance
06. Read It In Books
07. Ha Ha I'm Drowning
08. Straight Reins
09. Camera Camera
10. Went Crazy
11. Bouncing Babies
12. Went Crazy

This was the Teardrops' first London gig and they appeared on the
same bill as Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen (also playing
their first gig in the capital). This is a stereo SBD recording but it is
pretty rough sounding. The instrument levels and positions fluctuate
uite a lot and the bass is distorted throughout. The keyboard and guitar
are quite distinctly recorded but the other instruments and occasionally
the vocals sound more AUD at times. The overall sound is pretty
muddy and there's a degree of hiss.

Echo and The Bunnymen
London WC1
2nd August 1979
Audience recording 6.5/10
generation x cassette->(Portastudio->iMac DV+)->WAV->shntool->FLAC

13. I Bagsy Yours (Monkeys)
14. All That Jazz
15. Pictures On My Wall
16. Do It Clean
17. Happy Death Men
18. Villiers Terrace

The original 3-piece (+ drum machine) Bunnymens first London gig, on the
same bill as Joy Division and the Teardrop Explodes. This is not the full
performance, as during the Teardrops excellent set (a soundboard recording BTW),
Read It In Books is introduced as one played earlier by the Bunnymen. These are
the only tracks which appeared on the imaginatively named vinyl boot, "Echo"
(Hawkeye 015) but I don't believe this tape is vinyl-sourced. Sorry about the lack
of generational info but I bought the tape about 20 years ago and I neither knew
nor cared about such things then.