Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes
Live Television Broadcast: International Rock Service
Audio simulcast on CJOM radio (mono)
Date: April/May 1972

Lineage: Unknown generation cassette tape purchased at a collection event in Detroit > Onkyo TA-2055 Tape Deck > Pioneer PDR-509 CD Recorder > CDRW WAV to Computer > Magix Audio Lab for Track splitting & trimming > Traders Little Helper FLAC Level 8 > Shared on Dime 2014-11-28


01. Bridge (Soon to be released & re-named as "No Holds Barred" On the Tooth, Fang & Claw LP.
02. Sweet Revenge
03. Call of the Wild

Amboy Dukes(January 1972-May 1972):
John Angelos (Vocals)
Ted Nugent (Guitars, Vocals)
Rob Grange (Bass)
K.J. Knight (Drums)

Great Sounding Tracks for the age of the recording.

The show was called IRS (International Rock Service) and was broadcast on WXON (channel 62), a local Detroit TV station. It was also simulcast on CJOM radio, a Canadian station in Windsor. Included is a newspaper clips with some additional information. I'm unable to locate the exact date of the broadcast, so it is my best guess based on the info. I assume this was recorded from the TV Broadcast due to the mono recording. Hopefully the FM broadcast will surface someday. Another great series "The Detroit Tubeworks" was broadcast on the same TV channel.