Tedeschi Trucks Band
Friday, August 12, 2011
Sandia Casino Amphitheater
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Recorded by Royboy
Transferred on October 5, 2011
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01 - Introduction
02 - Don't Let Me Slide
03 - Midnight In Harlem
04 - Coming Home->
05 - Bound For Glory
06 - Until You Remember
07 - Learn How To Love
08 - Anyday
09 - Band Introductions
10 - That Did It
11 - Uptight (Everything's Alright)->
12 - Drums-> Oteil's Jam-> Drums
13 - Sing A Simple Song->
14 - I Want To Take You Higher
15 - encore break
16 - Shelter
17 - Love Has Something Else To Say

-Susan Tedeschi guitar, vocals
-Derek Trucks guitar
-Oteil Burbridge bass, vocals
-Kofi Burbridge keyboards, flute
-Tyler Greenwell drums
-J.J. Johnson drums
-Mike Mattison vocals, guitar
-Mark Rivers vocals
-Kebbi Williams tenor saxophone
-Maurice Brown trumpet
-Saunders Sermons trombone

-- Benefit Concert for New Day Youth and Family Services
-- Scrapomatic opened the show
-- Anyday contains a pronounced Blue Sky Jam
-- First time played: Shelter
-- Uptight (Everything's Alright) has a dropout at 0:02. Some music is missing


Review by John B (Kuznjohn):

Well I had high hopes for this show, but man! They came out smokin' and never let up.
Around the 5th song Susan is singing a slower soul tune when it starts to drizzle, then
fat drops start to come down. Instead of the audience heading for shelter, everyone
stands up and starts cheering! (this being the biggest drought in decades) Crew rushes
out and puts tents over the sound boards. Not a note was dropped, and the horn section
starts dancing in the puddles! When the song ends Susan says; we've played through hurricanes
and tornados, so unless this gets really dangerous we're going to keep om going. And they did.
Rock, blues, ballads, soul and funk. They smoked it all! There wre no highlights as it all
was one big highlight. Kofi and Oteil held it down, Mark and Mike sang their asses off, the
horn section was smooth as silk in tandem, but tore up their solos. When Susan played her
Gibson (wasn't a Les Paul nor a 335, gold top, what was it?) she was ripping. And of course
her vocals..... I read a zoner review of the Brothers with Clapton sitting in saying how
weird it was to think that Warren was the third best guitarist on stage andI thought Nah,
couldn't be, but Derek just keeps going further. He is undeniably THE guitarist of his generation.
When they got to the drum solo they absolutely chanelled '71 Butch & Jaimoe. Duane has gone
from a timid timekeeper to a fully integrated band member. By the time they wrapped up with
Sing A Simple Song/Wanna Take You Higher they were so cookin' that Sly would have been stompin'
his furry white boots.
I guess what I'm saying is: forget $70 Furthur $100 Phish tickets, if this band comes within
300 miles of you, just go. They are not to be missed. In '09 it was Clpaton/Winwood, last year
was McGalughlin and this show was it for me this year. Happiest $35 I've ever plunked down for a band.
I was laughing and crying simultaneously for the entire show. An astounding 100 minutes from a
remarkable ensemble.


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