Tedeschi Trucks Band
Sunday, August 14, 2011
Boulder Theater, Boulder

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01 - Introduction
02 - Don't Let Me Slide
03 - Midnight In Harlem
04 - Interview with Nick Forster
05 - Learn How To Love
06 - chatter
07 - Shelter
08 - Bound For Glory
09 - Love Has Something Else To Say
10 - Band Introductions
11 - +Sing A Simple Song->
12 - +I Want To Take You Higher

+ with Joseph Arthur - guitar, vocals; Nick Forster - guitar, vocals; Helen Forster - vocals

-Susan Tedeschi – guitar, vocals
-Derek Trucks – guitar
-Oteil Burbridge – bass, vocals
-Kofi Burbridge – keyboards, flute
-Tyler Greenwell – drums
-J.J. Johnson – drums
-Mike Mattison – vocals, guitar
-Mark Rivers – vocals
-Kebbi Williams – tenor saxophone
-Maurice Brown – trumpet
-Saunders Sermons – trombone

-- E-Town Taping
-- Joseph Arthur also played
-- TTB played first, then Joseph Arthur played, then TTB closed the show
-- Boosted low levels on the interview portion so it is easier to hear


Tedeschi Trucks Band (eTown) at the Boulder Theater
By Candace Horgan | August 15th, 2011

The only problem with an eTown taping is that when a really amazing band is on stage, you want
them to play more than 6-7 songs they get over the course of two hours. Such was the case on
Sunday night, when the Tedeschi Trucks Band journeyed to the Boulder Theater to meet Nick and
Helen Forster. Also appearing was Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur, who joked
about being downstairs waiting for his turn to go on and thinking “My life sucks” as husband-wife
duo Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks ripped through the first three songs of their set.

Tedeschi and Trucks played songs from their new album, “Revelator.” Opening with “Don’t Let Me Slide,”
the tight musical communication between the two was evident right away. Tedeschi’s fierce voice
shone over Trucks’ brilliant, lyrical, liquid slide playing.

During the interview with host Nick Forster, Tedeschi said that her brothers had teased her about
singing when she was growing up, and Trucks said her drive to prove them wrong was often on display.
Trucks also talked about growing up around the Allman Brothers and getting to go out on the road with
luminaries like Eric Clapton.

“Revelator” was recorded in a home studio that the two built. Trucks said one advantage of it
was they could live in the studio and write and record, a luxury they wouldn’t have had if they
had recorded by the hour. The duo, who have been married for 10 years, also talked about their
two kids and taking them on the road when possible. After playing “Learn How to Love,” the massive
“beast of a band,” in Trucks’ words, took a break, and Arthur started his set.

It was an interesting contrast. The Tedeschi Trucks band has 11 members, while Arthur plays solo,
making use of a loop station to have the freedom to solo over rhythm parts or add percussion effects
by tapping his acoustic guitar. Arthur opened with “Out on a Limb,” and on “Almost Blue,” he used
the looper to create two backing tracks that he rapped over.

During his interview with Forster, Arthur discussed his background growing up in Ohio, being
encouraged by his mother to sell insurance instead of music, and finally his life-changing meeting
with Peter Gabriel, which led to subsequent recording sessions.

The night concluded with more fierce playing from Tedeschi and Trucks. She added a sweet singing
guitar solo on “Bound for Glory,” while Trucks’ silky slide on “Love Has Something Else to Say”
brought the Boulder Theater crowd to its feet. On the last tune, a cover of “I Want to Take You Higher,”
Arthur and Trucks played off of each other on dueling guitar solos, and Nick Forster did some call
and response with bassist Oteil Burbridge.


Concert Review by: Posted by Steve Moyles on 8/18/2011

eTown is a nationally syndicated radio show, heard weekly on NPR and other stations across the US.
It features top musical artists and is taped in front of a live audience. This week’s featured
artist was the Tedeschi Trucks Band, an 11 member group, led by Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks.
The Tedeschi Trucks Band is in the midst of a tour, supporting their new album, Revelator.
Normally at eTown events, the band performs a few songs, participates in a brief interview,
and then plays a few more songs. Tonight, another artist would also be performing, Joseph Arthur,
and at the end the he joined the Tedeschi Trucks Band for a final tune.

This event was being recorded at the historic Boulder Theater, a 900 seat venue. I had seen
Umphrey’s McGee here on the Fourth of July, and the vibe couldn’t have been more different.
Tonight, there were folding chairs, where at the Umphrey’s show it was only standing. Tonight,
the crowd was a little older than with Umphrey’s and definitely better behaved. It seems that
for eTown events, you’re even allowed to bring in a bottle of wine to enjoy during the show.
The theater is a great place to see live music. It’s small and intimate, and has that art-deco
feel, with cool murals painted on the walls and ceiling.

The show started with the Tedeschi Trucks Band performing their song, Don’t Let Me Slide, which
was followed by Midnight in Harlem. Both Susan and Derek are excellent guitar players, with
entirely different styles. Also, Susan's voice is so rich and bluesy, it's perfect for the songs
on their new album. After a couple songs, Susan and Derek, who are married to each other, by the
way, sat down for an interview with the host of eTown, Nick Forster. They spoke about their
introduction to music at young ages, what it’s like being married with kids in the music business,
their new album and their new group, and some of the charitable causes they support. After the
interview, they played another song, this time, Learn How to Love. The next artist, Joseph Arthur,
took the stage. He’s a Singer/Songwriter, and he played a couple songs, did a short interview,
played another tune, and then left the stage. The Tedeschi Trucks Band returned for a few more
songs: Shelter, Bound for Glory and Love Has Something Else to Say. They then invited Joseph Arthur
back to the stage and they all finished up with Sing a Simple Song/Take You Higher, a medley of
Sly & the Family Stone tunes.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening of great music. I recommend you check out eTown,
at www.etown.org. All of the shows are edited into hour - long podcasts available at their
website, or through iTunes.


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