Tedeschi Trucks Band
The Pavillion at
Boston MA 08-17-2011


d1t01 Don't Let Me Slide
d1t02 Midnight In Harlem
d1t03 Learn How To Love You
d1t04 Bound For Glory
d1t05 Band Intros
d1t06 Coming Home
d1t07 Shelter
d1t08 Anyday
d1t09 That Did It

d2t01 Uptight->
d2t02 Bass/Drums
d2t03 Space Captain
d2t04 Sing A Simple Song->
d2t05 Want To Take You Higher
d2t06 Encore Break / Crowd

d2t07 Until You Remember
d2t08 I've Got A Feeling
d2t09 Love Has Something Else To Say


AKG 461 (FOB-LOC-ORTF-17th Row)->
MiAGi-II Silver Cables (Bumblebees)->
FR2-LE (Oade WMod) 24/96

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Recorded, Tracked & FLAC'ed
by Bob Hundertmark

Trade Freely - Never For Sale
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