Tedeschi Trucks Band The Warfield Theater San Francisco, CA December 31, 2011 This is the 44.1 khz 16 bit version suitable for burning to audio CD. A higher quality 96 khz 24 bit version is also available. Source: Schoeps MSTC-64 (ORTF) > Marantz PMD-661 (Oade Concert Mod) at 24bit/96 kHz Transfer: Apple Mac Pro 2.8 GHz quad core > Pro Tools HD 8.0.4 > xAct v1.3 > FLAC (SBEs fixed), tagged including replay gain in Foobar2000 v0.9.6.5 Audience recording positioned 15 feet to the right side of the soundboard, with the mics centered with main PA speakers. Recording by Chris Hecht and Brad Phillips. Audio transfer and mastering by Jennifer Caples. Cover art and photos by Brad Phillips. This recording is strictly for non-commercial use. Please do not distribute in any lossy format, such as mp3. Total time 2:22:00 If burning to audio CD Disc 1 is trk01-trk11 and Disc 2 is trk12-trk22. 740.1 MB folder 01. Intro 02. Don't Do It 03. Don't Let Me Slide 04. Midnight In Harlem 05. Learn How To Love 06. I've Got A Feelin' 07. Bound For Glory 08. Three Hundred Pounds of Joy 09. That Did It 10. Darling Be Home Soon 11. Countdown to Midnight 12. Try 13. Uptight 14. jam 15. Why Don't We Do It In The Road 16. Love Has Something Else To Say 17. Kissing My Love 18. crowd banter 19. Everybody's Talkin' 20. Nobody's Free 21. Sing A Simple Song 22. I Want To Take You Higher Derek Trucks - guitar Susan Tedeschi - guitar, lead vocals Oteil Burbridge - bass, vocals Kofi Burbridge - keys & flute Tyler Greenwell - drums JJ Johnson - drums & percussion Mike Mattison - vocals Mark Rivers - vocals Kebbi Williams - sax Maurice Brown - trumpet Saunders Sermons - trombone FLAC fingerprint: ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t01_intro.flac:a43fc9a107a299d16cb48a797810fbda ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t02_Don't_Do_It.flac:8d8b9561c91d7590ce2215deeb5d241a ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t03_Don't_Let_Me_Slide.flac:4c71fee1abe58dcfb04be16d290e7652 ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t04_Midnight_in_Harlem.flac:8e9d26ca513b458b4774cc392f7d60e8 ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t05_Learn_How_To_Love.flac:b37c53c751d236e8c35d3751e60e8d3f ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t06_I've_Got_a_Feelin.flac:74c5300cc7468a470dcd6db8bbe5d2fb ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t07_Bound_For_Glory.flac:8fab2b904b4a6a9c641cce8d898f7f9c ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t08_Three_Hundred_Pounds.flac:4b606f7abe1f3c4003b61279381bf030 ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t09_That_Did_It.flac:5d9e10fb1be9ed84062d5cebcb0368dc ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t10_Darlin_Be_Home_Soon.flac:2fe57060a3f760cb323cf00985020ec9 ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t11_countdown_to_midnight.flac:a90c1d9820c1336aaf418d137132447f ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t12_Try.flac:0ca97fa687505cbfcab8f935f8717b22 ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t13_Uptight.flac:5d2734cf63be066c1d05f26161ab7378 ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t14_jam.flac:e60d5ed65dbd78094835a24126e50451 ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t15_Why_Don't_We_Do_It_In_The_Road.flac:4b8cc21d799807e39b6740a192fe3abb ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t16_Love_Has_Something_Else_to_Say.flac:c7834da19124f34ff4cae044b11bcf28 ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t17_Kissing_My_Love.flac:703a7c9cb5a2b6152354125eaf3283c9 ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t18_crowd_banter.flac:a932f2af15f6156a37fbf00cc3effbe5 ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t19_Everybody's_Talkin'.flac:1fde8c968fd9783a08033db8399c1a0a ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t20_Nobody's_Free.flac:0daca48d81d99826c2172b5215300391 ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t21_Sing_a_Simple_Song.flac:8007c64956927ab0e50d28a6c37273a7 ttb2011-12-31-16bit-t22_I_Want_To_Take_You_Higher.flac:f7e3f5c72c364984e4a57d4531cca040