Tedeschi Trucks Band
2012-04-28 (930pm)

Watson Stage,Merlefest

Wilkesboro NC

AudioReality stealth microphones attached to eyeglasses > Tascam DR-100mkII
24/48 recording, Very FOB
Audacity used to limit levels for crowd noises when appropriate, and to amplify and normalize levels

01 ..Don't Let Me Slide

02 Midnight In Harlem

03 Bound For Glory

04 Ball And Chain

05 band intros

06 These Walls

07 Get What You Deserve (Mattison)

08 I Know
09 That Did It

10 Mahjoun

11 Nobody's Free

12 Love Has Something Else To Say (w/ Why Don't We Do It In the Road)

13 encore break, Thank you Levon
14 Lord Protect My Child//- cut
15 Rollin' and Tumblin'

Note: This is, by no means, a perfect recording. I move my head now and then, and you can occasionally hear the bass distortion that was emanating from the right speaker bank. Also, I was late getting to my seat at the start of the set, and (I think) my batteries died during the encore But overall, I think it sounds pretty great!