Tedeschi Trucks Band
Ravinia Festival
Highland Park, Illinois
July 16, 2012

Source: Church Audio CA-11 cards => UGLY pre-amp => Tascam DR-2D (24/44.1)
Transfer: DR-2D => WAV => Audition 1.5 (dither to 16-bit) => WAV => Magix Audio Cleaning Lab => WAV => FLAC (level 8)

Location: ~9th row center


Disc one (50:58):
(1) Band entrance (1:23)
(2) Everybody's Talking (5:34)
(3) Don't Let Me Slide (5:56)
(4) Until You Remember (7:34)
(5) Rollin' and Tumblin' (4:52)
(6) Shelter (4:47)
(7) Susan's Weather Forecast (1:06)
(8) Get What You Deserve (4:48)
(9) Mahjoun (6:10)
(10) Midnight In Harlem (8:43)

Disc two (56:20):
(1) Love Has Something Else To Say (6:34)
(2) That Did It (7:42)
(3) Bound For Glory (9:43)
(4) Nobody's Free (10:02)
(5) Encore break (1:46)
(6) Wade In The Water (7:29)
(7) Sing a Simple Song (6:47)
(8) I Wanna Take You Higher (5:35)
(9) Exit (0:37)

Md5 signature file is included. Sorry, no artwork (feel free to make some)


Excellent show by TTB in a headlining appearance at Ravinia Festival. No particular surprises in the setlist, but as always they delivered a high-energy set with a good mix of uptempo tunes and ballads.

The show probably would have run another 10-15 minutes if not for a heavy rainstorm that passed through the northern suburbs of Chicago and caught everyone off-guard. A crew member ran onstage about a half-hour in with an announcement for Susan to read, saying that a heavy thunderstorm was about 15 minutes away and encouraging the audience to take cover. In hindsight, I'm surprised that they didn't delay or cancel the show, but sure enough a torrential storm pounded the area right on time, leaving everyone on the lawn (who hadn't heeded the warning) completely drenched. Fortunately, I was dead center and largely dry, but the people on the sides and in back weren't as lucky. A second wave passed through around the 11:00 curfew, so I suspect the band wrapped up early (around 10:40) to allow people time to get to their cars.

The recording is very good, but I held off on posting in the hope that a pro taper would post his source. I didn't see any rigs in the audience, but perhaps there were some tapers in attendance who made the decision to preserve their gear rather than take their chances preserving the performance. The recording is clear and well-balanced, with a minimum of crowd noise from what I recall; unfortunately, I didn't have a good line on the overhead PA so it sounds like I was more distant than I really was. Once your ears adjust, it's fine.

Hope this fills a gap for some people ... if you were on the lawn that night and bolted for shelter, at least you can hear what you missed.

Mp3 samples are included in the comments.