Tedeschi Trucks Band
Chicago Theater
Chicago, Il.
January 18, 2019

Source: DPA 4060 => Tascam DR-2d
Location: Center box, 2nd row
Conversion: WAV => Audio Cleaning Lab => FLAC (24-bit)

Track listing:

CD1 (64:33):
(1) Don't Know What It Means (7:00)
(2) The Letter (4:03)
(3) Darling Come Home Soon (6:24)
(4) Joyful Noise (7:24)
(5) Get Out Of My Life, Woman (10:37)
(6) Hard Case (3:14)
(7) Just As Strange (5:33)
(8) Right On Time (4:36)
(9) Idle Wind (15:39)

CD2 (80:03):
(1) I Walk On Guilded Splinters (6:57)
(2) Do I Look Worried (4:47)
(3) Bird On The Wire (5:31)
(4) Keep On Growing (12:51)
(5) The Sky Is Crying (8:34)
(6) High & Mighty (5:10)
(7) Angel From Montgomery (4:25) =>
(8) Sugaree (4:04)
(9) Down In The Flood (8:31)
(10) Drums intro (1:44) =>
(11) Let Me Get By (8:45)
(12) Encore break (2:37)
(13) Sweet Inspiration (6:03)

Comments: This recording captures Tedeschi Trucks Band in their first of four nights at Chicago Theater, at the beginning of their 2018 tour promoting their current album "Signs." Given that they had two new band members in the fold and they were in their second date, they played it fairly conservative in terms of the setlist. That said, this is a good mix of originals and covers which play to their strengths. The show didn't exactly blow the doors off for me (YMMV), but I enjoyed it and thought everyone (including the new members) were solid.

The recording itself is very good -- TallTaper took advantage of the repeaters located directly in front of us, so the result is a more immediate-sounding recording than you would normally expect this far back. The vocals and high-end are really well represented and the overall mix is great. There is a woo-woo guy to the side who is for the most part a non-factor; I edited out his most egregious outbursts.

Many thanks to TallTaper for taping and having this in my in-box before I got home -- I was just the mule who EQ'd and tracked it. Mp3 samples are included in the comments.