Tedeschi Trucks Band
Sentrum Scene
Oslo, Norway

Recorded with ZoomH4:
ZoomH4 Wav > Harrison Mixbus > Minor eq adjustments > FLAC
Recorded by: TobbenGB
Transefered by: TobbenGB

1 Dont Know What It Means
2 The Letter
3 Do I Look Worried
4 When Will I Begin
5 Dont Let Me Slide
6 Get What You Deserve
7 Dont Drift Away
8 Comin Home
9 Part Of Me
10 Shame
11 Sweet Inspiration
12 I Pity The Fool
13 I Want More -> Soul Sacrifice
14 Signs, High Times
15 Bound For Glory

I recorded this in the far back with my Zoom H4 recorder. First three songs blown us all away. Really powerful performance throughout the show. Comin Home and Bound For Glory also stands out as very good performances.

Hope you like it!

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