(Tim O'Brien and Jerry Douglas, Psychograss, Shawn Colvin, Taj Mahal, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Del McCoury Band, Fleck\Marshall\Meyer)

Telluride Bluegrass Festival (Outdoor Show)
Telluride, Colorado USA
June 20, 21, 22 1997

w\sound samples

Recorded and Transferred by panador

1. The Tim O'Brien and Jerry Douglas Band - Kick Me When I'm Down
2. The Tim O'Brien and Jerry Douglas Band - Senor (Bob Dylan cover)
3. The Tim O'Brien and Jerry Douglas Band - (instrumental)
4. The Tim O'Brien and Jerry Douglas Band - Hey Joe (cover - popularized by Jimi Hendrix)
5. The Tim O'Brien and Jerry Douglas Band - (instrumental)
6. The Tim O'Brien and Jerry Douglas Band - Man Gave Names To All The Animals
7. Psychograss - (instrumental) Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, Todd Phillips, David Greir, Tony Trishka
8. Bela Fleck, Mike Marshall, Edgar Meyer - (instrumental)
9. Shawn Colvin - Sunny Came Home
10. Taj Mahal & The Senor Blues Band - Strut
11. Taj Mahal & The Senor Blues Band - Think
12. Mary Chapin Carpenter - I Want To Be Your Girlfriend
13. Mary Chapin Carpenter - Hero in Your Own Hometown
14. Mary Chapin Carpenter - That's Real
15. Mary Chapin Carpenter - The Better to Dream of You
16. Mary Chapin Carpenter - Stones in the Road (fadeout)
17. Del McCoury Band - Don't You Call My Name
18. Del McCoury Band - Walk Out In The Rain (Bob Dylan cover)
19. Del McCoury Band - The Cold Hard Facts
20. Del McCoury Band - Baltimore Johnny
21. Del McCoury Band - Rawhide
22. Del McCoury Band - Thanks a Lot (Ernest Tubb cover)
23. Del McCoury Band - Cold Rain and Snow
24. Del McCoury Band - Love Is A Long Road

Equipment\Lineage: SHURE SM98 Unidirectional Condenser Microphone > SHURE Microphone Preamplifier Box > SONY Walkman D-6 > Cassette (Maxell XLII 90 minute And Maxell METAL Capsule 100 minute, no noise reduction) > SONY Cassette Deck TC-FX170 > PC > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (PHASE CORRECTION [Inverting] and editing) & CD Wave Editor (track splitting) > TLH flac level 8 > TLH (torrent) > DIME

These tracks are what's left of my recordings from the 1997 TELLURIDE BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL after uploading partial sets by Sam Bush, Bela Fleck, John Prine and Lyle Lovett.
Chairs were permitted to be brought into the venue by Festivarians so I attached an aluminum tent pole to the chair and placed the microphone on top, approx. 6 feet off the ground. I was positioned to take advantage of one of the secondary speaker stacks that were about halfway out in the crowd and on both sides.
These recordings are Uncirculated and finally seeing the light of day.
There is a little Wind Damage on some of the Del McCoury tunes. I remember it being windier during the daylight hours and calming down by evening.
David Crosby and Peter Rowan also played and I recorded some of their sets but they are NOT ALLOWED here on DIME. Crosby is being uploaded to The Traders Den.
Apologies for not knowing the instrumental song names.