Telluride House Band
Telluride Bluegrass & Country Music Festival
Town Park
Telluride, CO

01. Emmylou Harris Introduction
02. TBD-02
03. TBD-03
04. Futureman
05. Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie>Whiskey Before Breakfast>Boogie
06. Ride The Wild Turkey
07. Riding On The New River Train
08. The Lights Of Home
09. TBD-09
10. Polka On The Banjo
11. TBD-11
12. Whitehouse Blues
13. Crowd/Banter
14. Duke & Cookie

*w/Sam Bush

Brian Sutton-guitar & vocals
Jerry Douglas-dobro
Edgar Meyer-bass
Sam Bush-mandolin & Vocals
Darol Angor-fiddle
Bela' Fleck-banjo

Audience recorded in 16-48
Source: Schoeps MK2S(split 4 feet)>KC5>CMC6>OAde M118>Apogee MiniMe>Tascam DAP1
FOB-At soundstage fenc
Tascam DA20-MKII>Hhb 830 (cd-16/44.1)
CD audio extraced with Wav Editor
Dell Inspirion 13>Audacity (mixing)>Cool Edit Pro>CD Wav Editor>TLH (flac8)
Taped and processed by Richard Skaggs