10,000 Maniacs
June 3,1993
Greek Theatre
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Recorded for Westwood One Radio Network's "In Concert" series

Liberated boot:"How You've Grown"

Linage: CD (silver) > EAC > Traders Little Helper (flac 8) > You

01 These Are Days
02 If You Intend
03 What's the Matter Here?
04 A Campfire Song
05 Like the Weather
06 How You've Grown
07 Jezebel
08 Eat for Two
09 Trouble Me
10 Gun Shy
11 Stockton Gala Days
12 Candy Everyboys Wants
13 Hey Jack Kerouac
14 Few & Far Between
15 My Sister Rose
16 Every Day is Like Sunday
17 City of Angels
18 Let the Mystery Be

Total time: 74 min.

There are at least seven bootlegs of this show in circulation. The titles I came across are: "How You've Grown" (this source), "Eden's Children", "Theme From a Imaginary Canyon", "Eat For Two", "Our Time At The Greek", and "Live in Los Angeles". These are all from the same show and the same source. Oddly enough, the "How You've Grown" boot lists this as the last show with Natalie and has the recording date as October 25, 1993. These are both wrong. The broadcast of this show was on Oct. 25th and the last show with the original line-up was actually on July 29,1993 at the Madison Square Garden in New York. My source CD also included the version of "Dallas" with David Byrne from the MTV Unplugged show. This had to be removed as it was included on the official VHS release of the show but not the CD. I have included artwork for this disc that I had to modify from the original to reflect the changes. I kept the original title as I have always liked the idea of this being one of the last shows and how much they had grown over the years.

If you don't have this show yet, get it. This is the best-sounding Maniacs show I have ever heard. The band is also accented on stage by strings and horns, possibly the same musicians that were on the "Unplugged" show. I've yet to find any info on the line-up other than the core band members.