Ten Years After
1972-05-07 Osaka, Festival Hall
- Liberated rarely circulated Oct. 2011 Tarantura bootleg DoCD "I'm Coming On" -

Sound quality: vg+/4 out of 6
Mp3 audio sample in comments.
Comes with Tarantura's original digipack cover artwork (jpg files) plus an adjusted back cover for CD trays (PDF).

Lineage: Legendary Japanese taper Mr. Peach's TDK SA 90 master recording (w/unknown equipment)>Tarantura's 2011 bootleg DoCD "I'm Coming On">my source's CD-R>WAV>FLAC (level 8)>Dimeadozen>youhoo and all TYAionados!

Disc 1
01. Introduction
02. One Of These Days
03. Once There Was A Time
04. Standing At The Station
05. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
06. Hobbit Intro
07. Hobbit
08. Hobbit Outro
09. Slow Blues In C

Disc 2
01. Guitar Solo
02. Skoobly-Oobly-Doobob
03. I Can't Keep From Crying, Sometimes
04. I'm Going Home
05. Sweet Little Sixteen
06. Baby Won't You Let Me Rock & Roll You
07. PA/Audience
Bonus track:
08. I'm Coming On (Philadelphia, Spectrum - Nov. 14, 1970)

Alvin Lee (RIP) - Guitar, Vocals
Chick Churchill - Organ, Electric Piano
Leo Lyons - Bass
Ric Lee - Drums

This is what seems like one of the earliest recordings by Japanese taper legend Mr. Peach, presumably a Tokyo resident who used to tape countless shows all over Nippon throughout the 70's. His recording equipment is unknown but we know he taped this show on TDK SA 90 cassette tapes, as Tarantura - as always - thankfully depicts their master recordings in their cover artwork - IMHO a real nice habit of appreciation to their "purveyor to the court" Mr. Peach which at the same time serves as welcome information for lineage-affine collectors.
Find some useful information on legendary though seemingly at the same time reclusive Mr. Peach here: https://theamazingkornyfonelabel.wordpress.com/2014/01/06/famous-tapers-2-mr-peach/

The track seperation and titling for "Hobbit" is a bit ...er "liberal" but nothing serious. Though not labelled as such, the last track "I'm Coming On" is not from this show but from Philadelphia Spectrum on November 14, 1970, and most obviously taken from the nicely cleaned-up version of the old early 70's vinyl bootleg LP which was torrented here a few years back (and yes, I checked myself!). Seems the guy(s) at Tarantura liked that number so much that they felt the need to add it to their set, and even use it for their album title. Odd, but given the quality of that number, somewhat understandable from my TYAanatic POV. :-)

MANY thanks from me to our generous fellow Dimer for passing me his digi-copy and giving me the "green light" to donate this show here for all Alvinatix. Mind that Tarantura releases are all rather STEEPLY priced and I do unterstand that not all purchasers of such pocket-emptying gems are too keen have them spread throughout collectorland, thus minimising the market value of their item.

Please do NOT even think of trying to sell this show or spreading it in lossy formats - otherwise: enjoy, trade, share!
Kind comments always welcome. :-)

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