Ten Years After
Public Hall
Cleveland, OH
October 8, 1972
(Joe Ray�s Master)
16/44 Edition

Transfer: Memorex master cassette > Nakamichi DR-01 > Sound Devices USBPre2 >
Adobe Audition CS6 (24/96) > Peak Pro 6 (pitch adjusted -40 cents) > iZotope RX / Ozone 5
(mastered) > xACT 2.39 > FLAC

01 One Of These Days
02 You Give Me Loving
03 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
04 Rock & Roll Music To The World
05 Hobbit
06 Standing At The Station
07 Classical Thing > Scat Thing
08 I Can�t Keep From Crying Sometimes
09 I�m Going Home
10 Sweet Little Sixteen
11 Choo Choo Mama

Known Faults:
-Standing At The Station: end cut

We are very excited to announce a new master series in partnership with longtime taper
and dime member �JoeRay�. A musician himself, Joe Ray began taping shows in the late
1960�s (Jimi Hendrix in Cleveland) and continues to this day. Along the way we plan on
releasing shows uncirculated and re-visiting shows that have circulated from unknown
generations. Both vintage shows and modern era shows will be forthcoming with most being
released in both hi-res and standard editions regardless of the overall quality to stay
uniform and Joe wanted to ensure everyone has an opportunity to grab the best quality

We kick-off the series with what appears to be a completely uncirculated show from
Alvin Lee and Ten Years After at the Public Hall in Cleveland, OH. Internet searches
provide no results for circulating audio of this performance.

Joe Ray provides more details around the atmosphere:
�The date was October 8th, 1972 and I was sitting 5th row center at Cleveland's famed
Public Hall for the sold out concert featuring Alvin Lee and Ten Years After. Opening
the concert was Black Oak Arkansas. This, like most concerts of the time was produced
by Jules and Mike Belkin (The Belkin Bros.). I recorded the concert using a Philips Box
cassette recorder (mono), a Memorex cassette tape, and a AKG-D1000E microphone.
The concert was one of the loudest I remember from the day. Alvin lee played his famed
Gibson ES-335 Guitar which he bought second hand in 1964 Nottingham, England with the
peace symbol sticker on it. He was wearing a purple jersey with the Fillmore West name
on it's front. Audience was well behaved and sat for the concert except for the encore.�


Please note the call-out regarding it �was one of the loudest I remember from the day�.
I�ve read that the AKG Acoustics D1000E mic handled loud noises much better than quiet.
This is fully on display in that even though Joe Ray taped from the 5th row the music
never overwhelms the recording.

It is a mono recording and we�ve done our best to center the soundstage. There is some
hiss to the recording, possibly a result of the more lo-fi box recorder in combination
with the Memorex tape and 47 years of tape degradation and it needed a pretty sizable
pitch adjustment. Our next show was recorded with a Sony deck a few weeks later and the
hiss is all but gone. As noted by Joe Ray, the audience is exceptionally well-behaved,
there is literally no up-close audience noises to speak of.

In 1972, Ten Years After was a touring machine playing close to 100 shows crisscrossing
the globe multiple times. Their ninth LP �Rock & Roll Music To The World� was released
the same month as this show but, improvisation was the theme for the night and you�ll
hear Alvin pull from many sources during his solo�s including brief snippets of
�Foxy Lady� and �Sunshine Of Your Love�.

The majority of circulating shows form this tour come from the summer leg in Europe along
with a few random shows from North America. We are pleased to be able to add to Ten Years
After touring legacy.

ALL thanks should go to Joe Ray for offering up his life�s work of documenting the shows
he attended for all of us to enjoy! It�s not often we get access to a show 47 years after
the performance that appears to be previously unheard.

Samples and artwork provided�

mjk5510 & JoeRay

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