Terrance Simien & the Zydeco Experience
4/28/2006 -
Congo Square Louisiana Rebirth Stage,
Fair Grounds Race Course, New Orleans, LA
"2006 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival"

1. radio & stage intro >
2. unknown instrumental
3. Zydeco Boogaloo ^^
4. Uncle Bud
5. Mississippi (as "New Orleans")
6. Creole Country
7. Hey Pocky Way #
8. Pet De Kat Krewe
9. unknown zydeco medley [][]
10. Louisiana 1927
11. Jam the Jazz Fest $$
12. Iko Iko **$$++
13. Mardi Gras In the Country @
14. We Shall Overcome

Total: 78:36

^^=w/ "i want you back" tease
#=w/ "fire on the bayou" rap & "people say" rap ending
**=w/ "when the saints go marching in" jam>"brother john>jambalaya" raps
@=w/ band intros & "jessica" jam

cover tunes & their corresponding artists/writers:
"zydeco boogaloo" - Fernest Arceneaux, artist; Fernest Arceneaux, writer
"i want you back" - the Jackson 5, artist (1st release on 10/7/1969);
Berry Gordy/Deke Richards/Fonce Mizell/Freddie Perren, writers
"uncle bud zydeco" - John Delafose, artist; John Delafose, writer
"mississippi" - Bob Dylan, artist (1st recording in Fall 1996), artist; Bob Dylan, writer
"hey pocky a-way" - the Meters, artist; Ziggy Modeliste/Art Neville/Leo Nocentelli/George Porter Jr., writers
"fire on the bayou" - the Meters, artist (1st release in July 1975);
Leo Nocentelli/Ziggy Modeliste/Art Neville/Cyril Neville/George Porter Jr., writers
"people say" - the Meters, artist (1st release in 7/1974); Leo Nocentelli/Ziggy Modeliste/Art Neville/George Porter Jr., writers
"louisiana 1927" - Randy Newman, artist (1st release in 1974); Randy Newman, writer
"jock-a-mo" (aka "iko iko") - Sugar Boy & His Cane Cutters, artist; James "Sugar Boy" Crawford, Jr., writer
"when the saints go marching in" - traditional black spiritual, originating from a Christian hymn; writer unknown;
Paramount Jubilee Singers, artist (1st known recorded version in mid November 1923);
NOTE: Not to be confused with "When the Saints Are Marching In" by James Milton Black/Katharine Purvis, writers
"brother john" - the Wild Tchoupitoulas, artist (1st release in 1976); George Landry/Cyril Neville, writers
"jambalaya (on the bayou)" - Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys, artist (1st recording on 6/13/1952,
1st release 7/19/1952); Hank Williams, writer
"jessica" - the Allman Brothers Band, artist (1st recording in 12/1972); Dickey Betts, writer
"we shall overcome" - traditional gospel song; Joe Glazer & the Elm City Four, artist (1st release in 1950);
exact writer(s) unknown;
lyrically descended from "I'll Overcome Some Day", a hymn by Charles Albert Tindley, 1st published in 1900

Terrance Simien - accordion, arranger, composer, vox
Jose Alvarez - guitar, b.vox, vox
Keith Sonnier - drums, b.vox
William Terry - bass
Danny J.Williams - keys, musical director, b.vox
Ralph Fontenot - frottoir (rubboard)
Richard Trahan - sound engineer
[][]=w/ Hugh Flax - zydeco dentist (not sure what he was playing)
$$=w/ Marcella René Simien - rhythm guitar, b.vox
++=w/ Elliot Hoffman - soprano saxophone

This recording is a combination of the 2006 broadcast from the day after the set & the 2020 marathon version. It mostly
utilizes the 2006 source, but the 2020 version is used for the first two tracks (missing on the 2006 source) & two patches in Track 12.

2006 source: WWOZ-FM > Onkyo TX-SV535 receiver > Audiomedia III soundcard (44.1kHz) > Macintosh
G3/300 > Bias Peak 2.62 (split-stereo audio files) > firewire hard drive > Macintosh Powerbook G4/1000 > Logic 6.3.3
(this set edited out of larger recording, bounced to two-track stereo) > Bias Peak 4.14 > X Audio Compression Toolkit 1.55 > flac
recorded by nolataper
nolataper's notes:
--This performance was not broadcast live. It aired on April 29, one day later.

2020 source: WWOZ-FM > Onkyo TX-TZ730 receiver > Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 (2nd generation) audio interface > USB >
MacBook Air (1.8GHz, Dual-Core Intel Core i5, OSX 10.15.3) > SoX > flac (44.1 kHz, 16bit, level 8 compression) >
iZotope RX 6 v6.00.1210 (trimmed, edited) > X Audio Compression Toolkit 2.49 > flac
recorded by nolataper
nolataper's notes:
--This excerpt was broadcast on May 2, 2020, on WWOZ-FM in New Orleans.
--This is from the FM broadcast, not the online stream.
--"WWOZ Presents Jazz Festing In Place, 2020"

remastering & info research by vanillag, 9/2020:
nolataper's source flac files > Traders Little Helper > Sound Forge 14 > Traders Little Helper > flac
--repaired DC offset; EQ'd; adjusted balance; manually combed through & repaired broadcast dropouts;
removed clicks manually; applied crossfades; used Wave Hammer plugin to apply compression and limiting
to reduce level of DJ talking; retracked; fades

vanillag NOTES:
--This set was performed from 3:30pm-4:45pm
--37th Annual New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
--This was the first Jazz Fest after Hurricane Katrina had decimated the area.
--If anyone knows the titles to t02 & t09, please let us know.
--The first 2 tracks are from the 2020 source.
--At 0.01 into t03, I applied a 1 second crossfade into the 2006 source
--At 5:48 into t08 (after the tune is over), I applied a 1 second crossfade to get rid of DJ speak...this crossfade is also the start of t09.
--At 0.5 seconds into t12, I applied a 1 second crossfade into the 2020 source as there was DJ speak talking over the music in the 2006 source there.
--At 14 seconds into into 12, I applied a 1 second crossfade to return to the 2006 source...the 2006 source remains in effect for the rest of the set.
--At 10:24 into t12 (after the tune is over), I applied a 1 second crossfade into the 2020 source as Terrance's talking got cut from a big dropout there in the 2006 source.
--At 10:26 into t12, I applied a 0.5 second crossfade back into the 2006 source as that is where Terrance's talking picked back up in the 2006 source. In the 2020 source, the ending DJ speak of that partial set began right there so there was no bridge in that source to rescue the missing couple words there.

Additional edits by nolataper, 12/2020
vanillag's flac files > iZotope RX 6 v6.00.1210 (notch EQ filter applied to all but first +/-6 minutes
to remove 19khz FM pilot tone) > X Audio Compression Toolkit 2.50 (sector boundaries repaired; tags
applied) > flac

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